How long does it take to strengthen/toughen my feet?

Recently, my dad and I went on a 40-mile hiking trip that lasted for two days. Even though I constantly put Vaseline and moleskin on my feet, I still got blisters. Is it normal to have blisters when hiking and the skin just toughen with age? How can I prevent having blisters?

You may want to check your boots and make sure that they fit you well. An ill-fitted pair of boots can cause your foot to get sore or get blisters. Take time to break them in before a long-distance hike and wear good socks that absorbs moisture away from the skin of your feet. Cotton socks are not recommended as a hiking sock, in addition to that, wear a liner socks. Lastly, use your moleskin to bandage and cover the areas in your feet that are sensitive to blister.