How do I get started with doing outdoor activities like hiking, backpacking and camping?

I am interested to explore the woods and outdoor parks through hiking, backpacking and/or camping in Northern Maine. Can you help me to get started? What are the gears and equipment that I need?

Some people get exposed to camping while they were young and continued as they grow up. While others join local clubs or groups that enjoy backpacking or camping as their hobby. For starters, you can start with minor hikes around the area and work your way up. Get a feel of what you are getting into before going into camping and backpacking because those require more experience and equipment.

One of the main thing that you need to have is a perfect pair of hiking boots, buy a pair that has a comfortable feel and fits you just right. Let the outfitters or sales representatives help you to find a decent pair of boots. Break them in before using it to the actual trip.

A good day pack is also important, it does not necessarily have to be big, just the right size to hold the important stuff. Get a water canister for your drinks, Nalgene is a great brand for that.