Is there any difference between hiking boots and backpacking boots?

When it comes to the boot cut, backpacking boots have high cuts that reach over your ankles. They are usually made of leather and are built to be stiff in order to give extra support when carrying heavy packs that weighs up to 40lbs. This kind of boots tend to be uncomfortable compared to hiking boots.

Hiking boots on the other hand have low to mid cut, like most of regular sneakers but they also have models with high cuts but not as stiff as backpacking boots which makes it easier to break in. And most of hiking boots are made of synthetic materials.

Both are designed for different purposes so you cannot simply judge their performance side by side.

Some popular and reputable brands that offer great performing boots are Merrell, Vasque, Saloman and Keen. Each of them have different models that vary in price so, do your research. A good pair of boots do not necessarily mean buying the most expensive one out there.